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What is sciatica?
Sciatica is a diagnosis often given to those who experience pain in the lower back, hips, and/or legs. In most cases, sciatica is often caused by a herniated disk in the back. However, it can also be due to other conditions such as piriformis syndrome or SI joint dysfunctions. Because sciatica is probably the most common cause of radiating pain in the aforementioned areas, it is easy even for professionals to mistake other health conditions and classify them as sciatica instead. It is important for you as a patient to be familiar with other similar conditions so that you can be treated with the right medicine.


Hip bursitis
Hip bursitis is caused by an inflamed hip bursa. A bursa is actually a sac filled with fluid that allows two body parts to move against each other in a smoother manner. The hip bursa rests between the tendon and the upper thigh bone and prevents friction. When the bursa is inflamed, moving the thigh bone will result in pain that often radiated throughout the pelvis and affects the buttocks, groin and the lower back. Many of its symptoms are very similar to sciatica but people suffering from hip bursitis will usually feel pain every time the area is touched and often there will be a visible inflammation in that area. Hip bursitis is also only common among athletic individuals or those who have gone through hip surgery.

Femoral nerve entrapment
The femoral nerve hits the spine at the 2nd to the 4th lumbar vertebrae and travels down in front of the thigh. This nerve is responsible for sensory and motor functions to the front of the thigh and to the groin. Femoral nerve may sometimes be compressed due to static leg positions or by wearing tight belts or sometimes because of impact. The pain resulting from such compression can often be mistaken for sciatica. However, remember that femoral nerve pain will most likely radiate from the front of the thigh as opposed to sciatic pain which is often concentrated on the back of the thigh.
Category: General
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